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The very understandable fear of flying is not something to be mocked, but a challenge to overcome.

Throughout the history of commercial flight, fear of flying has been responsible for spoiling many family holidays. Fear of flying can be responsible for restricting career opportunities. It can preventing many from experiencing the amazing wonders of the world. Flying is, for the majority a pleasurable event, but a nightmarish feat of endurance for some.

SimAIr737’s 90 Minutes fear of flying session in our B737-800 flight simulator can replicate many technical and physical sensations you will feel on an actual aircraft. The added advantage that, should you wish, you can take to the ‘driving seat’ and find out for yourself how safe these wonders of modern technology really are…all in the knowledge you are firmly and very safely attached to mother Earth.

We are not psychologists or medical professionals; but what we do have is knowledge of the aircraft systems and the various noises they make, the weather systems that move the aircraft about the sky, and an in-depth understanding of the strength and reliability and the unparalleled safety records of these machines of the skies.

This session is a MUST do activity and has an excellent track record of helping many people overcome their greatest fear.

Bring a friend or loved one to sit in the jump seat to support you through this fascinating experience.

Min age 12 years, min height 1.5m.

Fear of Flying

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  • Your flight ticket will be emailed to you within 5 working days.

    Please include name of person flying; if this a gift, why not add a short message.

    Tickets are valid for 60 months from date of purchase.

    Enjoy your flight with SimAir737 flight simulators.

  • Why not make this experience truly memorable by adding on Gate to Gate, a Memorable USB Recording of flight highlights and a Cockpit Photograph to remind you of the day.

    These items can be purchased singly, or buy all 3 together for a 20% discount.

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