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OFFER ENDS 31st July 2024


After a short briefing you will have the full 75 minutes in our fully upgraded B737-800 flight simulator offering 180 degree panoramic, high resolution graphics, giving you unparalleled fun and excitement as you guide your aircraft from take-off, through the airways and down to a safe landing. Why not add on a ‘Gate-to-Gate’ feature and 'Video of Flight' to enhance your experience.

With the guidance of our very experienced instructors, you are free to choose from 25,000 destinations worldwide.

In 75 minutes you can make  approaches and landings, from the easy to the challenging. You will start by flying a short-hop route then move on to the more challenging approaches, for example Innsbruck or Maderia. 

Why not bring friends and family  to sit in the cabin passenger seats and watch you fly. Whatever you decide, we are sure you will enjoy your time with SimAir737.

And don't forget to add the 'Gate-to-Gate' feature and 'Video of Flight' to your basket!

Comfortable Lounge/Reception area with hot and cold drinks available.
Minimum age -12 years; minimum height - 1.5m tall.
Maximum number per party - 5.
Located on the ground floor, we have full disabled access and toliet facilities.


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